Monday, April 27, 2015

That annual physical

There is a new movement out there that is trying to get rid of the annual physical because they claim it is a costly waste of time.  Really? And your thought process for this is?

I agree an annual physical can seem like a waste of time. But how many people would actually go to the doctor if they didn't think they were sick? How many of you know a few people (who must be healthy because) they never go to the doctor? I know people who are petrified of doctors, who have white coat syndrome that sends their blood pressure sky high at each visit.

But I also do know people who have ailments, including cancer, that would never have been caught if they hadn't gone for their annual physical. A friend's husband never went to the doctor and ended up in an ER with stage IV colon cancer. Yes there is a lesson there.

I am not a big fan of the annual physical but it means I have a PCP who oversees my care and is my go to doctor for issues. If you don't have an annual physical what do you do for the ailments that crop up, or your flu shot, etc? The ER? The walk in clinic at the local pharmacy?

Do yourself a favor and go for your annual physical.

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