Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Poor Patients

Yes we are poor. Not because we have ailments but because we have no money. Chances are if we have ailments which require the expensive new drugs we probably are not working full time and carry the burden of large medical bills. So why do we get hit with these expensive drugs?

The new biologics to treat rheumatoid arthritis cost a patient an average of $2700/year. That's just their co-pay. The new breast cancer drugs have high costs as well. Then there is that new Hepatitis C drug which costs $1,000 per pill. I don't give a rat's ass about the fact that pharma companies have plans to help patients pay for these. Why don't they just charge less for them?

I read an article yesterday, and just wasted 30 minutes looking for it, on how pharma and biotech companies feel they can justify the costs of these medications. It was on a big-wig at some pharma company (and if I could find it again, I would cite it here) saying how big the advances were. In that the new MS drugs allow patients to keep working and being active for decades when previously they would be miserable and not able to move.

So? It was a breakthrough and it helps people be happier and feel better. We get that point. So why do you want to bankrupt us and our insurance companies? Get over it.

If you really want to make us happier and feel better, you really want to rethink your pricing strategies. Thank you.

[Update: Here is the article I couldn't find.]

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