Friday, June 24, 2016

After A Lot of Deep Thought

As a professional patient, I have met with a few million doctors over the years. I have recently done a lot of deep thought recently as well. I have decided I am glad I never even considered being a doctor.

Never mind the ick factor of having to touch people you don't know and look at all sorts of mystery ailments and figure out what is wrong with them. There also is the issue of medical school and internship - way more education than I would ever want. Besides I deserve all the sleep I can get.

On the plus side of being a doctor would be the ability to find a cure for all my ailments. That would be really nice. Actually it would be phenomenal!

But I digress. Another part of being a doctor is that everyone wants to tell you how to do your job. You would think you have enough education to make your own decisions but no. Medical school might train you on how many bones are in the human body, what the spleen actually does, or what your blood count numbers actually mean with having to look it up.

But according to the rest of the world, it doesn't give you a good bedside manner or how to manage a medical practice or deal with insurance companies. And every patient you see presents symptoms (and attitudes) differently. All their family members want to give you their opinions. Never mind the people that want to sue you if you make the least mistake.

So my ultimate conclusion is that, while I am sure I could be the first to come up with a cure for cancer if I was a doctor, I'll pass. I just want my next doctor to be the one to find a cure for all the horrible diseases of the world and cure me.

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