Monday, June 27, 2016

There's Napping, and Then There's Napping

The best semester that I had in college was one when I managed to nap every afternoon. That way I could get up and go to class in the morning, come home and nap, and then study before going out again at 10 pm. I was young but I did get good grades and had a great social life. That is the most napping I have done in my life, until now.

As a rule, these days I try not to nap too much because if I nap, I probably will not sleep as well that night. I prefer just to get my 10 hours of sleep together. However, sometimes when I can't keep my eyes open, I am forced to nap. Or I just nap where I am because I am so tired, I can't move.

There is a difference between fatigue from my ailments and unbending urge to lie down and shut my eyes for a bit. With fatigue, I usually can function enough to lie in bed and read a book.

Yesterday I was fine until about 5 pm when I got too tired to knit and watch TV. That means I was really tired. I got in bed and fell asleep for a solid 1 hour 45 minutes. But then I was up until after 11 because of that nap. I didn't think I got too little sleep the night before but maybe I didn't get enough sleep.

When is napping too much? In the past ten days, I probably have gotten in four 2 hour naps. Is that too much sleep? I don't know. I do feel rested when I get enough sleep. 

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