Saturday, June 11, 2016

I Overdid Things

Who me? Yes. But I had a lot of fun. We have house guests and yesterday we went to the Boston Harbor Islands and out to dinner. I had planned not to do too much but I guess I don't follow even my own directions too well.

We drove to Boston and parked in the really close but expensive parking garage. We got on the boat and I sat. Then we went to Georges Island where I sat and did not walk around. Then we got back on the boat and I sat. Then we went out to dinner and came home. I was exhausted. Everything hurt.

Today I will pay the price. I will do a lot of nothing. Well one of our house guests is going to show me how to use my new 4 harness loom (it looks very complicated). Another friend is coming over for dinner and to knit. I will do a lot of sitting and maybe even lie down for a few hours. Tomorrow after brunch I will also plan on lying down.

But it was a great time.

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