Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Back and Forth

Adding to yesterday's post on the evil voice, I can go weeks, even a few months, and feel that I am doing okay and I am in status quo of a semi-healthy state. Then I go over to the other side and think my body has let me down and I have some new ailment. Or an ailment has decided to act up again.

Its just unfair. Seriously.

But I digress. I felt well for about a week. By well, I mean sort of normal. Then we came home and my back started killing me. And my knee hurts. And my neck hurts. Then I am sure next week at least for a few days, I will feel fine.

The hard part is the balancing. Every day I wake up optimistic and then I do something like try to move, or get up to head for the bathroom. Some days I can manage the basics without saying 'ooch, ouch' constantly. Some days, people start to look at me funny when I start talking to myself 'ooch, ouch, ooch, ouch, ooch, ouch....'  You get it.

So some days its good. Some days its not. I never know. I can have big plans for the day and then my body says 'no you aren't going anywhere'. I can't count the number of times I have changed plans simply because I can't go anywhere.

Back and forth. Every day. Its a crap shoot. Back and forth.

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