Saturday, October 8, 2016

I took a break from reality

We just spent six days in northern Maine where there is sketchy phone service and minimal wifi - if at all. I kept my phone on airplane mode so I wouldn't kill the battery with it searching for a signal. Because there weren't any. We couldn't phone home if we wanted to.

Actually it was very nice. A break from everything. I didn't blog which was very minor. But I also didn't worry about medical issues. At all. I pretended I was healthy and did what I could.

We had fun. It was peak foliage. We took a boat tour on Moosehead Lake. We drove 10 miles down a dirt road to look at ruins of a plane crash - which was eerie and creepy to say the least. But definitely worth it. We helped the local economy by shopping and dining out.

It was a wonderful break from all things medical. I didn't have a doctor appointment. I didn't concern myself with anything. This week I have two medical appointments to make up for the break.

I highly recommend a week of unplugging and disconnecting for everyone. But now I have to catch up on so many things.

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Andrea said...

Good for you, Caroline!! It sounds like just what the doctor ordered.... and if he didn't he should have!


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