Monday, October 10, 2016

That little evil voice

After years of medical crap behind me, I still get those nasty niggling thoughts that something new might actually be wrong with me. What is the reason for that 'new' problem? Is it cancer again? No I can't get cancer again. I have had my share already thanks. My body can't take much more please. 

I admit to having some not so good thoughts about pains in the past few days that are leading me to making new appointments with a couple of doctors. This does not make me happy. But sometimes I have to just calm down that little evil voice that causes me so much stress. But since its a Monday morning I have to wait a bit to call in to make appointments because everyone else in the world is also calling in because they get sick on the weekend too.

Anyway my health management basically consists of quieting the little evil voice whenever it speaks up. Is there special health insurance for that? There should be.

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