Friday, October 21, 2016

In My Inbox

I get so many emails every day from some of the many websites where I am registered. Most of them are health related (becuase I am still waiting for that cure). Usually I can hit delete on many of them because they don't appeal to me for some reason or another. Then I move on to the rest of my day (after the USA today crossword puzzle, checking Facebook, and my blog).

In my inbox this morning was a startling, shocking, upsetting email. Its title was: "Is having bacon good for fibromyalgia?". First of all let me say that I really hate emails that start off with a question. They are just click bait. And I hate that.

Next, bacon is a favorite food. I know its not healthy but if I can have bacon I will. I don't like other breakfast meats much so its bacon or nothing. And if bacon can be incorporated into dinner, that is just fine with me. (A favorite is cook a couple of pieces of bacon - one per person - in a fry pan. As the bacon is almost done place scallops on top. When the bacon is done, the scallops should be too. Serve scallops with bacon crumbled on top.) I have bacon maybe every few weeks at the very most.

Don't tempt with bacon in click bait. Its just wrong. But I read the email and found out that bacon isn't that good for fibromyalgia.

"Bacon is highly acidic and the fatty acids it contains can easily aggravate your pain symptoms. Having a lot of pork can result in massive inflammation of your joints. Just imagine eating bacon for breakfast and having to spend the rest of the week in pain, it can really affect your lifestyle."

That is just wrong. Bacon is good for everything as far as I am concerned.

"It is a big NO to take bacon although some suggest that having bacon in moderation is fine. If you suffer from any muscle and joint pain from fibromyalgia, it is recommended that you stop the bacon intake. If it is a tough task for you to cut your bacon completely, a big tip from us is to replace your bacon with turkey bacon which has just half the calories of pork bacon. There are some brands that have no saturated fats. Pick those."

No. Way. Some days breathing causes pain so I can't see that bacon can cause any worse pain. And turkey bacon is full of sodium, more than pork bacon so its really not better for you anyway.

But I didn't know pork could cause inflammation and will check into that part. And I will figure out how to incorporate bacon into our menu this weekend.

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