Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Useless Appointment With My CPAP

I go to a very good hospital for all my treatments. I usually have good productive appointments and don't feel I wasted my time. Yesterday was completely different.

Last week I blogged about Rebelling because I hate my CPAP machine so much. I was waiting to find out about my oh-so-important desensitizing process to be able to use the damn thing. Yesterday was my big appointment where I was to be educated. This is what I learned:

In order to get more comfortable with my damn mask, I should wear it around the house so I can get used to wearing it and then I should be able to start using the damn thing. That was not very enlightening. I had already tried it and still hate the damn thing.

I also learned what the options are for apnea treatment if you cannot deal with the damn mask:

  • surgery - where they remove your tonsils, adnoids, uvula (the thing that hangs down at the back of your mouth), and part of your tongue (doesn't that sound disgusting? It will never happen to me).
  • dental device - like a retainer which pushes your lower jaw forward at night. But then you have to be able to wear a retainer while you sleep.
I shall not be doing either of those. I will attempt to try the damn mask again but if I can't adapt, I ditch it and cope with the consequences.

I also asked about my problems when I do sleep with the mask I get these awful weird dreams and do not feel rested when I wake up. The reason I was given is that I probably never reach REM sleep without the mask and dream as much. So if I do use the mask, I can attempt to sleep with a mask on my face that I hate and have weird dreams that leave me feeling out of sorts. Not a good combination.

This is clearly a case where I should have skipped my doctor's advice and never gone on that sleep study last fall. All this in pursuit of a good night's sleep. Damn.

And I wasted an hour yesterday learning all this.

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