Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Class recap

Very interesting class. We did learn how to draw eye brows, fake eye lashes, look like you have come back to life, and that you shouldn't wear mascara during chemo. Apparently its a good way to get bacteria, even if using a new tube. (However did you ever take a class with someone who is dumber than a post and doesn't have a clue to the point that you just want to bop them over the head and say get a grip and everyone else ends up politely ignoring them except for the struggling instructor? There was one of those...) It was interesting and a lot of fun otherwise. They even had snacks.

Today's plans include getting my stitch out in my neck from where they put in the tube for my transponder last week. It is a giant stitch - 1/2" long - in big black thread on my neck. Yuck! Birthday present for myself (for all those of you who forgot...) Literally its a pain in the neck!

One additional goal is to improve my typing capabilities while having a cat on my lap. He is warm but promotes typos.

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