Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another list

Here is another list of things that make my back hurt. Or perhaps things that I am doing when my back starts hurting:

1. sitting
2. standing
3. walking
4. lying down (so should I give up sleeping?)
5. doing dishes (time to delegate this)
6. sorting laundry (ditto)
7. thinking (maybe I should stop?)
8. cooking breakfast (but I was hungry)

I woke up and my back was fine. I sorted laundry and made Belgian waffles for breakfast and now my back hurts. It doesn't hurt too badly but it isn't playing nice. However now that I have eaten some food I can take my anti-inflammatory pill which may help. I won't take a pain pill because then I will probably fall asleep.

Anyway, yesterday I went and got educated on how to be a volunteer. Actually it was a very good training session sponsored by the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. They have other training on advocacy later that I might go to as well. Today I have to finish the press release and send it out to a bunch of places. I also have to meet a friend for snow shoeing as well as do six loads of laundry. (For some reason this week we have tons of laundry.) Tonight we are having pizza night while we watch the Superbowl. Home made pizza is much healthier than take out. I will just ignore my back and suffer in silence all day long.

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