Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm blaming the cat.

My back didn't really hurt yesterday even though I went to the gym and used the machines and went snow shoeing. It hurt in the morning while sorting laundry but was mostly okay. This morning, I woke up and it was fine. Then I had to move the (delicate little 16 lbs of lard) cat because he was in the way on the bed and my back started hurting. So its his fault that my back hurts today. So now I can be whiney as a result.

At least I wasn't doing something like this guy. If I fell off my bike on the ice, it would hurt. However I do like his hassle free commute.

Further proof in the on going saga of what they don't know about cancer can be found here. Or we can just argue that there really is a giant secret plot to confuse us all. I am not sure which but what is very clear is that doctors really just want us to eat green vegetables. Maybe they are in collusion with the broccoli growers of America. (See I can always come up with a link for a conspiracy theory.)

Today's big project is to make phone calls for the American Cancer Society. I said I would and forgot. Perhaps I should have read my email last week which contained the reminder and the phone numbers. Oops! Now I have three days to make thirty phone calls around all my other commitments.

But first today's really big project is to see if the car will start. It did not want to start yesterday. I think it might have been flooded. If it won't start today, I will walk the one whole block to the gas station and see if they will come and help me start it. If not, I will call AAA and get it towed there. I can live with out it today. Tomorrow and Wednesday would start to get tricky with out it.

But before all that I get to call the doctor's office and have a 'discussion' about rescheduling my canceled appointment. That should be fun. I hate talking to big corporations who have 'rocket scientists' on their phones.

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