Saturday, February 21, 2009

PT # 1 recap

I get to write about PT here so I don't forget before I go back. And I am sure all of you are dying to know what it was like. So I went to PT yesterday not really knowing what to expect. I brought shorts and sneakers because that's what the paperwork told me to do (and I actually read it so a gold star for me). Evidently, they were running late so I had to sit around and wait (after rushing to get there in time because I had be on the world's giant time suck - the Internet).

Finally the physical therapist came and got me and had to review all my paperwork since it had been so long since I had been there she didn't remember any of it. (I'm the cancer person who has an oncologist appointment and need to point out my back issues to the oncologist just in case.) So she asked me how my back was feeling and had me try some different things - did any make my back feel better or worse? Now try some mild exercises and did my back feel better or worse as a result of the exercises? I couldn't tell if it hurt more because of the exercises themselves or the cumulative effect of all the other stuff she had me try first. Then she did some light massage and put ice on my back. Which felt better for a little bit but then hurt and stiffened up.

I ended up with two exercises to do twice a day (which I already did one set in case you were wondering) and was told to put ice on it when it bothers me. This is in addition to taking my anti-inflammatories. Last night I put ice on my back and this morning my back hurts. I hope that what doesn't kill me will make me stronger but in the meantime I can be whiney about it.

Otherwise tonight we are going to a fondue party which should be fun. Lots of friends who we haven't seen for a while but also some who we just saw in Lake Placid. Today I also have to go to Trader Joe's, the gym, and do laundry. (Isn't my life exciting?)

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