Saturday, February 14, 2009

Apparently the crabbiness index is related to how I feel

This morning my husband said to me 'how do you feel today?' I said 'okay, for the most part'. Apparently he wanted a crabbiness level assessment before the day began. I later asked him if I am too whiney about all my ailments (as I was recently accused of being by someone else). I was informed I am not too whiney. I do think he doesn't hesitate to speak up if I am overly whiney or crabby. Sometimes, he tells me to sit down and chill out for a while (with a glass of wine even too). Well, last night my digestive system was not appreciative of what I was eating. In fact, it was down right crabby. Today I will eat more carefully. I think I will also skip the anti-inflammatories which I have been on for a while - I think they are causing me problems but I will call that doctor on Monday.

So today is Valentine's day. I have roses and chocolates. Walter just has chocolates (apparently great minds think alike as we both bought the other chocolate) but I made a yummy breakfast and we are having a special dinner too. Tomorrow night we will go out.

Yesterday I did manage to fit in a manicure/pedicure. I am tired of the same old boring colors so I did something special with my toes - yes, that is purple with white polka dots!
Today we just have lots of stuff to get done around the house but are going for a walk this morning. You know the fun stuff in life - laundry, organize our tax stuff, mop the kitchen floor, refill the bird feeder. My life is just plain boring some times.

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