Saturday, February 28, 2009


We all have the 'oops' in our life but here are a few I found yesterday:

- an octopus in California managed to flood the aquarium.

- a parked car was ticketed seven times before they realized there was a dead body in it.

- octo-mom admitted to Dr. Phil that she had made a mistake with having all these babies

In comparison, my oops is nothing. I just had to admit to my husband twice this week that he was right - it hurt my back less if I did my exercises on my yoga mat AND he remembered which belt the vacuum cleaner needed...

Anyway, yesterday I was busy all day but did get out for a walk with a friend in the nice weather - it was 60 degrees. Today is 40. Tomorrow is snow. Monday is more snow - and lots of it. Wah! This is getting old. I noticed the beginnings of tulips and crocuses in my garden yesterday.

Today we are out for a walk and then go get our taxes done. How fun! NOT! Then we are going to the library, the bookstore and out to lunch to recover. Must have antidote for taxes! I did my exercises twice yesterday and already this morning - in case you were keeping tabs on me.

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