Monday, February 9, 2009

Only a blister and the dog stole my mitten

We had a great weekend away and I only got a blister. We drove up on Thursday and had lunch in Glens Falls at a brew pub (my ultimate husband bribe - there's a museum "no, I don't want to go" and a brew pub "okay, let's go"). We arrived at our destination (Say hi to Fred (the moose)) outside of Lake Placid and I realized I left my ski pants at home. So we immediately turned around and drove down to Lake Placid and enjoyed the tropical temperatures while walking around. It was somewhere below zero and the wind was about 20 mph. We'll just say it was very, very, very cold.

When we returned to the Loj, I looked at the indoor/outdoor thermometer and thought it read 14 below. I was informed I was probably looking at the centigrade and I should check the other one. Well that said 25 below Centigrade. Later in the weekend we determined that thermometer reads a little low. But since that was at 5 pm, I think its safe to assume the temperature dropped over night. Saturday we waited for the temperature to get up to above 5 degrees before setting out. It was a nice hike up to the Marcy Dam. We stopped to rearrange layers and have a snack at one of the lean-tos when a big chocolate lab came bounding by, followed by his owner. The dog grabbed one of my mittens and ran around behind the lean-to in the loose snow. After some argument, the dog gave up on my mitten and let me have it back (covered in doggy drool). Because we had a slightly longer break than anticipated and it was maybe 10 degrees, we got a chill. We tried going a little further but decided to turn back.

On the way back, my right boot started rubbing and I got a blister. That was the only injury for the weekend. Well, only may not be the right word. Its only about 1" across and is a big red sore spot on my heel right now. It did make me forget about my back hurting for a while.

Sunday morning, we wanted to go out again on snow shoes but I had to deal with my blister first using mole foam (moleskin for hard core injuries) and second skin and then more mole foam. This worked all the way out and most of the way back on our hike. But about 1/2 mile from the Loj, I ended up taking off my snow shoes and walking on the packed snow to see if I could relieve some of the pressure on my little bitty blister.

Now my back did relatively well hiking. After I lightened my pack up. Saturday I set up with a platypus bladder of water and a spare bottle of water. My back did not like that at all. I dumped out the spare bottle because we decided we had enough water and my back was hurting. Then the tubes for the platypus froze so we dumped the water from the platypus into the empty water bottle and Walter stuck it in his pocket. (The solution for a heavy pack is to give everything to your husband.) We did have plenty of water in the end. My back was pretty sore Friday night but okay on Saturday and Sunday. Right now, it is so so, but I am blaming the fact that the cat insists on sitting on my lap while I type. (He was very lonely and as a result, is a royal pain in the butt today. He won't leave me alone.)

Today is back to reality. I have to work from home, go for a walk, and go to work. I think I have to pay attention to the cat as well. (As if he would let me ignore him.) Now that we have returned, I realize that I get to go to Lahey once a week every week for the rest of the month, plus physical therapy twice a week. So I guess that means three visits a week.... Arrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!

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