Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another media sound bite that ticks me off

So this was today's article in the paper, apparently the latest in cancer care is tailoring treatment to the genetic make up of your cancer. Doesn't this sound wonderful? They can figure out how to best treat your cancer by its genetic footprint. Isn't that great? Yeah, well, when will these advances become part of the standard treatment program at your local hospital? In fact, where are these tests being done? How about a little credibility here? So basically you can forget about this article because, although it makes you believe there is light at the end of the tunnel (that is not a train coming at you in the other direction) there isn't enough substance here to make it worth the read. Perhaps I am being a tad cynical these days.

Yesterday I did go to my radiation oncologist for a follow up. I didn't get what I wanted. I have to go back in six months for another follow up. I also need to make sure I have that bilateral mammogram in May. Gee, thanks for positive reinforcement. Now I have three doctors saying I need a mammogram. All a mammogram does these days is provoke a giant case of scanxiety - now I can have it for three months as well. (But perhaps that will distract me from back pain, weird abdominal pains, job hunting angst, and PITA cat induced insomnia (last night he had a good night's sleep but neither of us humans did - the little snoring, drooling, paws in our face/ears/nose, bed hog). Could this be the cause of cynicism? (To get even, I ate an orange while working at my computer so he won't come sit on me - he hates all citrus and it is the one thing that will actually keep him away.)

Today I have to work from home (but not just talk about it or pretend to but really get some work done) before a conference call, walk with a friend and my support group. However, lunch will be the highlight of my day (and for several more days) as yesterday I made a giant pot of turkey soup with brown basmati rice and barley. I froze most of it but will be able to enjoy the rest of it for a few days. Am I overscheduled? No more than usual and I would like to see if I can fit in PT at some point as well instead of waiting until Friday. I had stopped taking the anti inflammatories for my back but as the pain levels are increasing I think I will resume them, even though they have the list of very nasty side effects to watch for and were making my stomach hurt. But now I really need to get to work.

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