Monday, October 5, 2009


Picture me running screaming from the pink. As the years go by, the less I like October and pink. Yesterday I took the CTA to Midway airport and was greeted by giant pink ribbons and pink flood lights. The lovely Sky Mall catalog on the plane included all sorts of wonderful breast cancer merchandise for sale - and lots of pink. I got home and the weekly newspaper was publishing on pink paper. And included a series of articles on breast cancer. My mail box is filling up with requests for donations or purchases of breast cancer items...

But the Sunday paper also had an article on breast cancer patients rebelling against all this pink crap. It also had a very touching article about supportive husbands and breast cancer - for the record, my husband will hold my purse.

Let's talk about this pink stuff. Sure its great to raise awareness for breast cancer or any disease. But is this over done? How much of the money spent when purchasing a pink thing actually goes to breast cancer research - do your research first. Do you know what pink-washing is? unfortunately, its a sign of how too much marketing can be misleading. Pink washers claim to give money to breast cancer research but really don't tell the whole story. Again, another area for some research before you open your wallet.

So all of us breast cancer people (and don't use the word survivor on me) should be jumping up and down about breast cancer awareness in October? Well what about thyroid cancer awareness? Degenerating disk awareness? Torn ACL awareness? Sprained ankle awareness? I think I have enough ailments that I should have a month of awareness for each of my medical ailments and then I would fill up a calendar and could buy a whole wardrobe, completely accessorized, to wear each month for the appropriate ailment. So my point is, its over done. I don't like pink as much anymore and try not to wear it in October...

Anyway, I had a great time at my reunion. Not enough sleep - but then I could be hibernating half the time on the amount of sleep I need these days. Lots of back pain. But the most important part was lots of fun. Nothing like seeing people after 25 years and just picking up where we left off. Walter picked me up at the airport and it was great to see him after a week a part. We aren't very good about this time apart thing... Call us honeymooners still or something.

Today is the return to reality and getting organized, doing laundry at home, getting on top of my pills again, and going back to work. WAH! But I had a blast.

PS to the guy who commented yesterday about a mushroom that will cure cancer? Get over it. Snake oil will never work.


Survivor said...

Great post. I'm with you all the way. Did you see the NFL players yesterday wearing pink gloves and pink shoes? Has anyone found a real cure for cancer? Is anyone even looking? Is any of that pink money flowing their way?

InterActive Health said...

Breast Cancer Awareness is increasing but yet some are questioning the pink theme. Some say it is more of an advertisement than something that helps. I disagree but also think that some will make money off of this devestating cancer. But hopefully the overall goal will be attained and more women will be discussing and getting screened. What do you think???

genetic cancer testing said...

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