Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Little of This, A Little of That

And a little ponytail!!! How exciting! You have no idea. I used to have long, pre-chemo hair that I wore in a ponytail. Now yes I was thinking I was getting to old for that. My hair has been growing out since chemo ended, Dec 2007, and I get it cut every two months - enough to keep it shaped but spaced enough to allow it to grow. Last night, while watching TV, I was playing with my hair and realized I had enough to make a ponytail again. The whole point of being able to do this is to pull my hair back out of my face or off my neck if I want to. Now that I can (just barely), I am happy.

Yesterday I was (wasting time) online and came across a new blog from the Mayo clinic. I do think they have great medical information and advice and they are one of the sites I go to with medical questions and I subscribe to their newsletter. They just launched a new blog called "Living With Cancer". I guess this is a no-brainer for them but perhaps they should get some real insight into it. First of all, its written by someone who doesn't have cancer. She is a public affairs consultant who helps Mayo clinic patients with their cancer journey. But it does not appear she has had cancer so she is writing about something she doesn't have first hand knowledge of.

Nothing against her, I don't know her but I think this might be a key attribute to a successful blog. I wrote in a suggestion they get guest bloggers who have had cancer to contribute. Now perhaps there is something to be said for detachment and inability to see the woods from the trees if its written by someone in the midst of cancer treatment and the not so little cancer rollercoasters that become a way of life for us lucky people. I think there are enough of us cancer bloggers out there that they could get some contributions.

Also, I tried to subscribe to the blog but couldn't find the feed so I have to manually remember to go back there to read it. I did sign up for it but that also means I will need to sort through my overpopulated in box to find it. But I do plan on reading it for now. I'll see where it goes before making any judgments.

Today I am not the patient. My husband has a colonoscopy - just a regular you are over 50 so you can't hide from it any more procedure - about which he is over joyed. I have reminded him about Dave Barry's column on colonoscopies (which I recommend for anyone who has to have the procedure. But he seems to be losing his sense of humor about the whole thing. So this morning, I will drive him to the hospital and then have a cup of coffee as I wait for him. After that I will make his favorite dinner - pizza - and his sense of humor will be restored.

Me, I don't have a doctor's appointment for a couple of weeks. I do have twice weekly PT for my ankle (or let me bend and pull your ankle a few times and tell me if it hurts) for a two more weeks. Then I actually switch to the weekly doctor appointment - therapist, oncologist, back doctor, ankle doctor all in a row. Can't wait. But in the meantime, I am not the patient today so I will enjoy it.

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Debby said...

Dave Barry's article had me wheezing tears. Oh, my, that man is funny stuff!

Er...Caroline? You might just want to avoid telling your husband that you will 'enjoy today'.

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