Saturday, October 3, 2009

Traveling makes me lose track of my pills

No I didn't lose them. I just forget to take them. (The only thing I have really lost is my mind, but I am sure you knew that by now.) Yesterday and Thursday I got all messed up. I think I ended up taking everything right but maybe not. But I haven't OD'd that I've noticed - I think I would just turn into more of a space shot if I took too many and my pain levels haven't increased that drastically. But my back isn't happy with walking around and being social in the rain.

Yesterday morning we walked around Madison and went shopping... Then we came down to Beloit where we are staying in another cushy hotel - with a gas fire place, whirlpool tub, and king size bed - its a suite with a pull out couch too. And a kitchenette. And if I could use the stupid coffee maker we wouldn't have coffee on the counter instead of in our cups.

This morning we went for a walk and to the farmer's market. Then we are off to breakfast with an old friend and then up to campus to do alumni things. Yesterday the only alumni things we did was register and then mooch food at the alumni house because it was rainy. Tonight's the big dinner and I plan to schedule a nap for me.. I kind of over did it again yesterday... And went to bed at 9 pm. Perhaps this over doing things needs to be discussed with the doctor. Sigh. I don't want to discuss things with doctors. I don't want to go to doctors. I want to be healthy. Actually I guess today I want to be whiney. But I'm getting good at that.


Jonathan said...

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potenta said...

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