Monday, October 12, 2009

Sleep in a hospital - that's a great concept

So last time I was hospitalized, I did a 'fair amount' of whining about how little sleep I got because of the constant interruptions for vital checks, blood samples (apparently your blood is better at 5 am than any other time), and all sorts of interruptions. I have never gotten a good night's sleep in a hospital unless seriously sedated. And when I don't sleep, sometimes (but only rarely) I get crabby. Which means I am not a good patient as my inner evil b*tch comes through.

This morning's paper was pleasantly surprising - a local hospital has tried a study allowing patients to sleep for eight hours in a row and found it cuts down on sedative use. It takes a medical study to prove that letting sick people sleep is a good thing? Don't doctors tell us to sleep for eight hours a night? Then when you are hospitalized you cant because they need to check your pulse or something. Anyway, I am overjoyed to see that light is dawning on the medical profession that they should allow us to sleep as they recommend. (But I couldn't find the whole article online.)

Today I am up bright and early to go to work. The cat thought this was a find idea because his food dish was empty and he didn't want his dry food. He wanted a few bites of a new can of canned food. Walter is sleeping in. I will go out in the dark morning and go to work. And its cold. Apparently its in the 30s. So I have something else to whine about. Not that I whine all the time or anything.

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