Thursday, October 29, 2009

An interesting trip

I learned something yesterday. I was trying to be practical and plan ahead. As we were going to Walter's wonderful procedure yesterday where he hadn't been able to eat really for a few days, I thought he would be hungry and thirsty after it and want some water and a snack. I packed a bag with a bottle of water and some crackers as well as my book for the waiting process. At the last minute, going out the door, I grabbed his book as well so he would have something to read if we had to wait. We got there, checked in and sat down. He looked around for a magazine - of which there were none - so I proudly reached into the bag to pull out his book - and felt dampness! No, not dampness, sogginess! The water bottle was not sealed correctly and leaked its entire contents out. The two books absorbed almost all the water and were bloated, with covers warping... so much for being practical. But then they called his name (so he wouldn't have had anytime to read anyway) and I was left bookless for a two hour waiting period.

At Walter's suggestion I headed off to the local Barnes & Noble which is perfectly designed for killing time with shelves of new books and big comfy chairs. I found a few books to buy (after swearing recently I would reduce my book addiction/purchase budget) and then went off to the mall to find something for Walter to snack on after I picked him up. As I was entering the mall, there was a little sign. There is now a high end consignment store in the mall! How exciting! Off I went to admire/try on affordable clothing! It was quite a fun interlude. And I found cookies to bring with me on the way back to the hospital.

This trip required TWO trips to the parking garage filled with OMWAHs. The first one wasn't so bad. I think we got there before they woke up or something. But when I arrived the second time, the cars were backed up out through the entrance as people were waiting for others to back out of parking places... If someone is walking across the parking garage and there is a line of cars behind you, don't wait for them to find their keys, fix their make up, and then start the car and back out of their space! Go up to the next level! There are lots of spaces up there! (But because I was stuck in the line of cars, I did wait for someone to get in her car, fix her hair and back out of her space... And I got a good space near the stairs as a result.)

Now the books are drying on the heater... I checked last night. The skinnier one of the two will take another day at least. The other one, may take a few days...

Also, yesterday I attempted to meet a friend for a walk. It was 45 and pouring rain so I ended up on the treadmill at the gym instead after coffee. Today I am off to PT this morning and then maybe a walk before work. I was also supposed to work from home yesterday and this morning. Some how I will fit some in. But I have to leave in 15 minutes...


Adamaris said...
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Ann said...

You sure get a lot of weird spammer commentators. :)

I am addicted to books too. I got a kindle to save money on them, but I don't's just so easy to download a new one the next time you are ready to read that even the cheaper costs of the books doesn't seem to help the budget. ;)

I do miss browsing in a bookstore though. Maybe when I feel better I'll go do that just to keep my spirits up.