Thursday, October 8, 2009

Feeling stressed

I can't believe our vacation was only a few weeks ago because of how stressed and overpressured I am feeling. One of the downsides to all this part time work is not getting paid when I am not there. Between travel, vacation, volunteer commitments, doctor appointments, and holidays for schools, I haven't had a normal week - where I wasn't trying to fit everything in too few days - since sometime in August. No, I am not kidding.

Last week, I went to my reunion and was gone on Thursday and Friday. The week before, Monday was a holiday (Yom Kippur) and schools were closed and everything got moved around. The week before that I had to fit in a dentist and a doctor and the electrician for half a day. This week, I have to work from home tomorrow because the electrician is coming so this means I will have an entirely unproductive day when she is here because my computer will be down for part of the day. Next week, Monday is Columbus day so school is closed and one job is closed as a result and Friday I have a volunteer commitment. This means, I will shift my schedule around and work nearly 30 hours in about 3.5 days. Do the math. It doesn't work. The week after might actually be normal.

Today, I have three scheduled phone calls this morning, need to do some market research for a client, go to work at 12 or so, and have to make a doctor apt for Walter, a vet apt for the cat, follow up with one of my doctors, and schedule the new furniture delivery. I want to fit in a destressing walk but may not have time. I'll be home from work around 7...

This weekend I need a day of doing nothing but not sure I can fit it in. In the meantime, what does this mean? I constantly feel pressured and stressed as I run from one thing to another and feel like I am constantly late. I top this off with back pain, and I am out of my special pain meds so I haven't been sleeping as well. This all leads to crabbiness and general crankiness.

Basically this is just me whining about being in pain and too busy.... Yesterday I also ate something (that was probably my own cooking) that my stomach failed to appreciate which does nothing to improve my mood or well being. Feel free to ignore me.


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