Friday, August 27, 2010

How does this work?

The latest medical recall has Johnson & Johnson recalling hip implants. So, if you got one of those and its recalled, how are you supposed to send it back? Do you have surgery to take it out and get a new one?

This is the same thing when they recall medical stents - how do you take it back to the dealer and get a new one? Or do you just walk around with a little time bomb inside you that isn't going to work as expected? I mean if you have a Toyota, you take your car back to the dealer and they fix what was wrong. I don't mean to pick on Toyota but they seem to have recalls weekly - I guess that QA got overlooked there for a bit.

I simplified the salmonella egg problem in our house. I ditched the last of the store bought eggs and bought some from the local farm stand which raises their eggs there. I avoided the tylenol recalls by buying the safe store brands. But if you had a hip replacement, how do you give it back?

I don't know. None of these recalls makes me feel particularly safe and comfy. It goes back to the question should we all be living in a cave somewhere so we can be safe?

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Lauren said...

I don't think a cave is necessary but I can see where you are coming from. For now just avoid anything they tell you to on the news...the next batch will be improved. :)

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