Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I feel so comfy about this

"Drug Recalls Surge" My bed side table is littered with 11 prescription bottles, one over the counter medication and I have two pill boxes containing the 14 pills I take on a daily basis plus the extras for break through pain. And apparently they are recalling all sorts of medications for manufacturing errors. What are my odds that something I take is manufactured wrong? I feel so comfy - NOT.

Well, I shall do my best to avoid thinking about this - let my inner three year old come through in my mature handling of this issue. I have enough to worry about otherwise. Like why my back hurt last night so that I have been up since (insert drum roll here) 3:30 am. I will say the cat was overjoyed I was awake because that meant he got a drink of water in the middle of the night. But I shall take my perky, overtired self off to the office and be 'charming' to my co-workers.

Now, here's a chance to feel old from my alma mater with their annual Mind Set list


breast pump advocate said...

The companies should be more responsible in their testing of pills & medicines before releasing it to the market, millions of peoples lives are at stake.

linda said...


BTW...you might turn on the moderate comments for a while. I think "Judith" is a spammer. I found the exact same comment, which makes no sense, on another blog i follow. Breast Cancer: Fight Now by Dr. Aaron Tabor