Saturday, September 18, 2010

Call me a spaceshot

I know its been a few days since I posted but I am a spaceshot. We went on vacation (and I didn't say that before hand so the burglars out there wouldn't know). I did bring my laptop. The first two nights we stayed in a hotel with wi-fi. Then we went to my mother in law's house where there is no wi-fi (I even checked to see if I could poach off the neighbors) for a few days. We then went up to Lake Tahoe for a few days where we stayed in a very nice hotel with free wi-fi but I was brilliant enough to leave my laptop (and phone charger and ipod charger) at my mother in law's. How smart was that? I was off line and had to ration my use of my cell phone so my batteries wouldn't die.

But that wasn't the only thing I did. I managed to leave my camera battery and charger in our hotel in Tahoe. It was a good thing I figured this out before we got too far away so we could go back for it. I also almost left my sweater in a restaurant... We are now sitting in the airport and my husband isn't sure if he packed his cell phone or left it at his mother's house (so maybe we are both space shots). (PS He just told me I am captain of the space shots).

Another example of my lack of brain cells is that we went hiking along the shore of Lake Tahoe. Because my back needs breaks we actually both brought a book to read while enjoying the view. Then his platypus water container leaked all over his pack and drowned my book (which I just realized I left at his mother's house). His book only got slightly damp. The next day we went hiking again, and the water leaked again... we are buying a new platypus water container before we go hiking again.

Anyway, it was a great vacation and it was good to get away from the grind of work and doctor appointments. I only wish my back would cooperate. Yesterday it was very painful and I could not get comfortable in the car.

Today we are flying home (so burglars beware) and are sure the cat will be completely annoyed with us even though we arranged for babysitting for him. I think I have a doctor appointment this week but will be sure to figure that out when I reconnect with my calendar.

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