Wednesday, September 1, 2010

There is a hurricane coming

It is so exciting! It will be a big rainy, stormy day and then we can all compare beach erosion. Unless you live on the beach in which case, you need to move out for a few days. Or your boat is in the water and is in an unprotected area and yo need to move it out of the way. (If you aren't sure, ask people who have had to helicopter their boats out of the marshes back to the harbors after the storm surge.)

We are watching continually updated storm projections including the famous 'spaghetti' plot (I'm not kidding - that's the technical term) where all the computer models of the storm track are put on top of each other - and it looks like a really bad road map or a storm track.

I am no expert but have seen a few hurricanes in my life. There was one when I was a child and my father took us up to watch the wind and the waves roll in through the Harbor. My sister and I spent the time holding our arms out while dressed in our big yellow rain coats to see how far down wind we would be blown each time we jumped up in the air. (I don't think we moved that much but it was better than looking at the harbor.)

I was in Eleuthera in the Outer Bahamas at a Club Med when Gloria breezed on by. In true Club Med fashion, they told us if the hurricane hit to please pay attention to what they say, we would find a mask and snorkel under our beds, and if you wanted to be moved to a room on higher ground, please let them know. I had a room with a lovely ocean view. I took a nap that afternoon and when I woke up the ocean was much nearer than it was in the past. I was told I had to move my room. We then spent our proposed hurricane evening in the bar. Gloria missed us but managed to shut down the entire Eastern Seaboard. Our only request was to be able to stay for another week while they cleaned up the mainland. That Club Med is no longer - as it has been wiped out by other storms and is no longer any resort. It was a beautiful place.

Around 1990, Hurricane Bob blew on through Boston. I worked for a small business and she made us come to work that day because she assumed we could work through a little storm. When all the other buildings in downtown Boston started taping their windows she told us to tape the windows and leave. We spent the afternoon and evening hanging out with my roommate's friends at our apartment in the big complex I lived in. We picked the wrong apartment - we were in the half of the complex that lost power overnight. All his friend's went back to their units and they had power - even though they lived a mere 100' away.

There have been a few others here and there. To be honest, they all start to run together. We get hurricanes which make the national maps and news. We also get northeasters (not nor'easters - my parents who grew up here call them northeasters, all these transplants from other parts of the country think they are cool and call them nor'easters). Those can be just as bad as hurricanes, they form offshore and grind up the coast for a few days. The winds are often hurricane force. They occur year round. They result in a several days of bad weather regardless of the time of year. Hurricanes usually come and go in a day. We also get plain run of the mill blizzards - my husband and I have a running joke of what's the difference, when driving in it, between a blizzard and blizzard like conditions. They can also last for a few days.

All this weather is just a distraction from my health. I survived one oncologist on Monday and the dermatologist yesterday. Next week I have my other oncologist and the dentist (spending this week flossing like mad). I am waiting for the back pain doctor to call back about next steps. But in the meantime, I can tune into hurricane models being updated every two hours

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