Thursday, September 9, 2010

The things I learned

I learned yesterday never to assume that the doctor wants to hear everything that is wrong with you. The doctor cares about their specialty area. So even though I had a list of things for my oncologist, she said none of those sound breast cancer related so I should talk to my primary care about them if they continue. Fair enough. But she wants to see me back in six months - what happened to yearly follow ups? I'm still waiting for those.

I also learned yesterday that when a doctor prescribes medicine, you need to know if it is 'instead of' something you are already taking or 'in addition to'. I assumed 'instead of' and it was really a case of 'in addition to' so I had to refigure out my pills for the week.

Finally, I also learned yesterday I do not function well without enough sleep. I felt like I was walking around in a fog all day. Last night, I did get enough sleep and feel almost like a human being today. Almost, but not quite human.

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Lauren said...

Rough day! Despite the response from your onc...keep telling her everything just to be safe.

Hope the cymbalta settles better with you in the coming days so you can go back to feeling human.

-Lauren (

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