Friday, July 22, 2011

Life in general

Today I have nothing to blog about. I mean I found a few articles that interest me but I am not inspired to write about them. There is one about how MS drugs are priced too high and another about how Express Scrips is going to buy Medco and that will be a bad thing. And a third article about tall people being more likely to get cancer but they don't know why. But I am not interested. Maybe I'll have an apathetic day.

We are having a heat wave. Here in Boston, we are not equipped for heat waves. Its not like we are primitive, we do have air conditioning but our bodies deal with 0 degrees better than 100 degrees. When its 0, we can add layers indefinitely. When its 100, we don't like to walk around naked for fear of scaring the neighbors.

Today I am working from home and have to be very productive this morning. We have two window air conditioners - plenty usually for us. One is in our bedroom upstairs and one is in a downstairs room. My office is upstairs without an air conditioner. My desktop computer is in my office. It has the software and files I need to work on this morning. This might be an opportune time to move everything over to my laptop so I can work in front of the AC, but that would take too long. The cat likes the air conditioning. He has no desire to go outside today. But he wants to snuggle.

I am not having a good week. My back pain is having a good week. I am not scheduled to see my back pain doctor until Sept 13. I called yesterday and the only opening he has is Sept 2. I might call back today and take that - provided it fits in my schedule. I have to check my calendar.

Heat makes me crabby too. On the positive side, it might give me an excuse to play with the sprinkler later to water my plants. Actually my garden is having a good year. On Wednesday I had several cherry tomatoes and the larger ones are growing bigger and bigger. Peppers are coming in too.

So much for my apathetic ramblings today. That's about all I can deal with. Maybe I need an arctic vacation to recover from the heat.

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