Saturday, July 23, 2011

Modern advances for sick people

We know that medical advances have saved many lives. That is all well and good but the more important part is modern conveniences for us sick people so life is easier. If they can't cure us, we still should be able to live our lives comfortably.

Modern advances I couldn't live without:

- A VCR with a timer and now a DVR - I do not have to stay up late to watch my shows or worry about napping through them. (Or missing them because of a stupid doctor appointment.) They are always there waiting for me. Or I can even watch them online.

- Restaurant delivery services - why go out and sit in a chair that is not good for your bad back when they can bring you the food and you can eat it sitting on your couch with your feet up?

- Ice packs for pain relief. Especially in heat waves. These are wonderful. They are a little more difficult to deal with in January but we can always switch to heating pads.

- The internet. Its much easier to be sick at home when you can be connected to the outside world online and keep up with all your friends - and look up all your symptoms so you can develop a good case of Googlechondria.

- Mail order prescriptions - standing in line at the pharmacy is so passe. I am moving more and more prescriptions online to save money.

While I do appreciate medical advances and treatments, my life goes on when I am not at the doctor and I appreciate the comforts of home.


Robyn Michele Levy said...

I can't imagine my life without these conveniences either! Last night I ordered delivery from a local restaurant, my pharmacy dropped off my meds, and I used the internet all day long.
Enjoyed your website,

Debbi said...

Catching up...seeing how you are doing.
I've been sick with a migraine for a few days but doing better now and catching up with my girlies

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