Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Now they tell me

Cancer made me fat. I am blaming it. While I was never a size 2 and in high school I was a tad hefty, I was a size 6 in college and for many years. But then between thyroid balancing issues and breast cancer treatment, I got fat. I am working on reducing the number on the scale but it is a slow process (which isn't fair, if you can gain weight quickly you should be able to lose it just as quickly).

Now they say the leading driver in getting breast cancer is being fat or obese. I am not obese. I have looked at the BMI charts, and I never got there.

But the conundrum is if cancer treatment made me fat, did my cancer increase my risk of another cancer or because of my weight? Or am I just doomed with two cancers behind me already?

If they had said to me when I was in treatment that I could prevent another cancer by not gaining weight, I would have been happy to live on lettuce for a while to combat those lovely drugs which encourage weight gain. Steroid bloat is a lovely side effect of chemo. And its very difficult to watch your weight when you are bloating up with drugs, focused on eating things that feel like they will stay in your stomach, and not getting enough exercise because you feel like crap.

Now they tell me a little too late. Crap.


Anonymous said...

The abdominal exercise equipment must also really feel pleasant when being employed given that there is no point in working hard to obtain a superb looking abs in case you can’t possibly even withstand employing the machine.

ChuckieFrog said...

You nailed it in the last paragraph. I think they need to have cancer physical therapists who can help us through this. I have gained weight too.

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