Sunday, July 10, 2011


Toxins are everywhere. We need to stop breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping indoors, sleeping outdoors, exercising, sitting, standing, or walking to protect ourselves. They are evil. They will kill off the human race.

Therefore I am glad to see that the NIH is going to ban a bunch of toxins. Actually they want to be able to ban up to ten toxins each year. But which ones?? They don't tell us which ones they want to ban. They want to ban some. How specific.

Now PCBs have already been banned because they are carcinogens. But the elementary school I attended for six years has been found to contain high levels of PCBs and will be rebuilt. Is there a correlation between going to school in a building with PCBs and getting cancer twice? I have no idea. But my point is (and I always need a point) is that just because something is banned doesn't mean it still won't be found and have to be dealt with (in some VERY expensive way).

DDT was banned and now we have Bald Eagles again so there is a track record of success.

But going back to the NIH, we need a little detail here. They want the arbitrary ability to be able to ban up to ten substances a year. While I am all for banning bad things, I think they need to have to reach a level of credibility to be able to ban them. They can't just say 'we think it might be bad' they need to be able to say 'we know it is bad and this is why'. Otherwise, it might just be a little too much power and we'll all end up living in caves again.


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