Saturday, December 7, 2013


It took several government studies years of research and multiple governments speaking up to figure out it only costs $1.50 per person per day to eat healthier. This means make healthier studies like lower fat content in ground beef, etc.

I have a couple caveats:
  • This is based on 'normal' portion sizes. This means a serving of beef is 4 oz - or the size of a deck of cards.... If you eat normal sizes, you can expect to spend an extra $1.50/day.
  • $1.50 means different things to different people.
    • For a family of five on food stamps this would mean another $7.50 each day which quickly adds up.
    • For someone who stops for a coffee every morning, we can say skip your morning coffee and there is your extra money
I believe in eating healthy. If money is tight or you just want some variety, try a few of these ideas:
  • Frozen vegetables are cheap and don't taste that bad unles they have been used as an ice pack for too many injuries.
  • Substitute beans for meat in meals and get some lean protein. How does this work? At the family taco night substitute beans for meat or even use refried beans.
  • Buy in bulk or when lean meat is on sale and use your freezer. Last week chicken was on sale for $.88/lb. I put it in the freezer and now it is defrosted and will be tonight's dinner.
And a few shopping tips for saving money:
  • Shop early in the day and check the meat section and home made bread section first for expiring items which have been further marked down.
  • Store brands, store brands, store brands.
  • Fresh produce in season is cheapest.
Now if I haven't bored you and you are wondering how does this relate to breast cancer or any cancer, I'll just say that if you eat healthy you can reduce your risk of getting cancer. I mean I did and look at me, I haven't been diagnosed with cancer in 6.5 years.

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