Monday, December 16, 2013

Then there's that survivor thing

I started this post in March of 2009. I keep a bunch of posts in draft format that because I change my mind, something else catches my attention, or I just forget (most common). They can sit for months or years and then the links I was going to write about go away or I change my mind and decide I am still inspired.

I know I have posted on this before. I do not consider myself a cancer survivor. I am someone living with two cancer diagnoses.  I am in a special little class of people (I like being called special. I like calling myself special. Its better than calling myself a survivor to me.) When asked, I do not say I am a cancer survivor. I say 'I've had cancer twice myself.' And only if I think its their business.

I think survivor was dreamed up by someone who isn't dealing with it. When you survive something you out last it. But if there is no cure, how do you survive it? Eventually something is going to do you in - maybe not cancer, maybe you end up on the Titanic or something... Mental note to self, do not take transatlantic trips during ice berg season.

My take is that I survived a bunch of doctor appointments.I am still surviving because I have an unending list of doctor appointments (which reminds me I need to fix some of them that were changed without my permission). That is my project for today, along with holiday cards, gift wrapping, cleaning, folding laundry, going to the gym and the grocery store. I will survive all that as well.

I used to get more aggravated by the use of the word 'survivor' than I am now. I know some people throw around the word survivor to describe themselves. I think I am okay with that. I think I get more irked by the organizations that start labelling people or the news broadcasters which start saying 'she's a SURVIVOR...' and 'as a SURVIVOR...'

I guess I am saying, people can label themselves but don't label others. Its the same if someone wants to call him/herself a fool, that is fine by me. But don't call someone else a fool - that's rude/mean, etc.

So no, do not call me a survivor. Call me someone special. It sounds better and makes me feel good.

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