Thursday, December 19, 2013

The damn cold

This weekend we had a bit of a cold snap around here. While New England gets its share of cold weather, those of us nearer the coast around Boston usually don't go below 10 degrees or so. Any time a single digit forecast is involved all the cold warnings go up.

Both Saturday and Sunday mornings I had to go to craft shows where I had a table. I was overjoyed to pass by thermometers showing a tropical 9 degrees on Saturday. We later celebrated when the temperature went up to a balmy 14. Sunday was a bit warmer but still frosty. Monday morning was down nearer to zero than I prefer to think - but at least it was not a negative number around here.

Tuesday it was pleasantly warmer so it could dump 8" of snow during the evening commute.

Wednesday morning we woke up to double digit temperatures and lots of snow to dig out - this means my husband shovels and I supervise. He had gone out the previous evening but the plows had since been by with a vengeance - say hello to the giant glacier at the end of the driveway. But it was warmer out.

Unfortunately I developed a cold. The temperatures rose outside and my germs flourished. This was actually a convenient thing. One car got stuck in the driveway so my husband took the other to work. This forced me to stay home and take care of myself - and blow my nose approximately 1000 times, drink about 40 cups of herbal tea, and other wise be miserable.

I took my temperature with our digital thermometer at one point. It measured 95.1 degrees. So I tried the other digital thermometer. It registered about 96. I said hmmm maybe its that cold water I drank. I tried again 15 minutes later and the same readings. Broken thermometers. Now we need new ones.

I have no idea if I had a fever or not but I think I probably did.

Well anyway, today I feel better but will go to work because its the holiday party. I will not go to the gym until I feel better. But I will take things day by day. I hate having a damn cold again.

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