Saturday, December 21, 2013

The polar bear is not the remarkable part of the story

This young woman was returning from a Halloween party in Churchill, Manitoba and was attacked by a polar bear. She survived due to the efforts of her friends, a neighbor who came out and hit the bear with a shovel and due to the medical flight that took her to the major medical center to be saved.

While this woman is very fortunate to survive. She will be okay in the long term but has to pay of $10,000 for the cost of transport to the medical center for treatment. I would have thought Canada's national healthcare system would cover this type of cost. Never would I believe that the patient would be stuck with this type of cost.

I assumed, wrongly, that Canada's healthcare provided everything, even if it came with a delay. Her friends are helping raise the money to pay for the transportation and time lost at work.

But I hope the bear is okay even though he was hit by a shovel..

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