Monday, October 27, 2014

Its Monday

I have nothing to say. I mean I had a nice weekend. I got a lot of craft stuff done to get ready for the season that starts in a few weeks and runs to the end of December. I had several thoughts that flew in and out of my tiny mind as potential blog topics but decided to end up with a list of them instead:
  1. Ebola is not going to kill us all. You can't get it unless you are in contact with someone with the symptoms and there has to be some spread of bodily fluids. So stop scaring the crap out of everyone.
  2. The nurse who is in quarantine in New Jersey needs better treatment. A tent in a parking lot? Really? Its unheated as well. Get her to her house and quarantine her there. I agreee with the quarantine and completely disagree with the way its being done.
  3. There is a new test available today for screening for colon cancer. You get the test, get a sample in the privacy of your own home and send it off where they will see if the fecal DNA shows colon cancer signs in it. Two small catches: $599 and its not covered by most insurance and one of the doctors who discovered it, gets a royalty for each test sold. I have problems with the numbers part both the royalty and the lack of insurance coverage. 
  4.  If you live within 165 feet of a 5 lane roadway, you could increase your risk of sudden heart death for women.
  5. I am so done with pink this October.
Off to work and waiting for something to really inspire me today.

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