Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Right to choose

Would you move to Oregon if necessary? I would.

I hope that you do not disagree with this woman's choices but I completely support her. She has a very unfortunate medical diagnosis at age 29 and has taken steps to live her life as best she can. She has gotten the medication she needs to die with dignity as she wants. She isn't rushing to use it but is much more relaxed knowing that when the time comes, she will be able to choose.

I am a firm believer in DNR's and palliative care. But sometimes I think it doesn't go far enough. First of all with a DNR, someone else is making the decision on your body that it is time to stop treating you. Second of all, what if the DNR happened after months of agony? Instead of at the beginning of all the agony. Palliative care is wonderful but it can only do so much. What if your body develops a resistance to all the pain medications? Where would that leave you?

I would move to Oregon in a heartbeat if necessary.

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Pinkunderbelly said...

Yes! Hell yes! She is a shining example of taking charge of a truly wretched situation. I applaud her and her family for supporting her decision.

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