Sunday, April 3, 2016

Its a bad neighborhood

So I follow cancer research because I do hope for a cure one day.... what I have learned in the past is that scientists have believed that a single cancer cell would make it to a different part of your body and then start a new tumor. (Those were the evil cells.)

Now there is a new theory, that a group of cancer cells located together then grow into a tumor (known as a metastasis which none of us want). I can relate to this new theory. A single cell isn't a bad guy. Its when the rest of them are bad, they have nothing to do but hang out together and spread their evilness around your body. Like hanging out in a bad neighborhood.

I had never really thought about what the environment of a tumor cell would have to do with the growth of cancer until I had Dr Susan Love talk back about five or so years ago. She had discussed that new research then was interested in the neighborhood a bad cancer cell was in, not just the cell itself. This new research seems to show that train of thinking has been subject to research and now is showing more answers.

So now I must have a stern talking to with any cancer cells that may be hanging out in my body and tell them to stay away from each other. I am sure that will prevent any recurrence.....

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