Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Winter returned

For some reason winter has returned here around Boston. Right now wind chill is about 10 degrees, air temperature is 18, and we got probably 5-6" of snow yesterday. Last Thursday I was out gardening in shorts and a t-shirt. Yesterday I spent 9.5 hours (730am-5pm) driving in what felt like blizzard conditions. The snow storm was moving east and I was driving east.

The roads were horrible, snow covered, blowing and drifting snow. I probably drove past close to 20 accidents. I got stuck behind multiple conga lines of plows going 40. You know the road conditions are bad when the trucks are all going slow.

Last week I planted pansies in pots outside. Today they are buried in the snow. I hope they did not freeze solid. This will be a test on how hardy pansies actually are.

My plan today is to stay inside as much as possible. However I do have a doctor appointment today but not until late afternoon.

The snow should be gone by Thursday when it rains. After that I think spring will be back, for a few days at least.

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