Friday, April 1, 2016

So What Will It Feel Like?

Have you ever wondered what your next medical adventure really will be like? I mean how will they really feel during and afterwards? Nurses and doctors tell you things like "there may be some discomfort", or the ever popular "little pinch". Maybe you might feel "tired afterwards" or "possibly nauseous", or "a little pain" at the site that can be handled by "OTC acetaminophen or ibuprofen". But you really need prescription morphine for the pain, cant get out of bed for three days because of fatigue, or spend days running for the bathroom.

They never can tell you more, like the real truth. Bounded by HIPAA concerns or the simple fact that they have never experienced it themselves. Face it most of our medical professionals have never experienced the procedures they perform on patients. Sure they have had blood tests, injections, and more, but have they had your chemo protocol, surgery, or invasive procedure? Probably not.

Hence there is no way for them to tell you how you will feel before, during, and after, other than scared sh**less, because they really do not know.

I hate this. I have learned to research all medical procedures before I have them. I also look to friends and others who might have experienced it to find out what its like from the patient's perspective. (I am so 'healthy' my father, in his late 80s, asks if I have had any new procedure recommended for him.) I do not obsess about it but I do want a good idea of what something will be like.

I have learned some important things like do I really want to go by myself because I won't want to drive home. Or I can come close to passing out after in the knee injections. Or... the list goes on. So I have learned to ask questions and do my research.

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