Thursday, March 31, 2016


My life is progressing nicely I should say. I am doing okay for once. I just got my latest blood work done and most everything is about as expected. I do feel some RA progression and have a dr apt next week to discuss what's next.

I have painted some more walls in our house. Eventually I think every wall will be painted. Right now I have done 1 bathroom, the walls on the stairs, and half our bedroom. That means I have a lot left to go but I like the progress I have made.

Back in February I blogged about starting a knitting group at a local cancer center. The first meeting I showed up at 1pm because originally we had said 1 pm, but it was switched to 1:30 pm. And there were two other people waiting for the start when I got there. Then more people showed up and we ended up with seven people the first week. It was also supposed to meet every other week. Participants requested meeting weekly and asked if we could stay later. So we will just say that it is very successful. And the best part is that one other woman who attends is an madly amazing knitter and she can help more people that I can.

Finally, I haven't had a doctor appointment in more than three weeks - a very rare occurrence. However next week I have three doctor appointments to compensate. Back to reality I guess.

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