Sunday, March 27, 2016

Going to the Beach!

I am so excited. I haven't been to the beach in months. Not since sometime early last fall. this is very unusual for me. I like to go to the beach year round. I don't swim that much but I like to walk in the sand with my toes in the water. See what the tides have brought in and how the storms change the coastline.

My husband thinks I am weird crazy insane for insisting we go to the beach in the winter. But I have convinced him that he will like it because we go out for clams (and he gets a beer) afterwards.

I have wanted to go to the beach for weeks months but either our schedule didn't work or the weather was not cooperative. I draw the line at going to the beach in a blizzard, a snow storm yes, but not a blizzard. I do have my limits.

But today we are going to the beach. I can't walk on loose sand and the tides aren't the best - coming in, not going out. We enjoy fresh air and a breeze off the 40 degree ocean water which will make it a bit chilly. Then we will take the Sunday paper to the clam shack to read while we wait for our food.

It may not sound like much but there are so many things I cannot do any more because of my health and this is one thing I can do and really enjoy. Its the little pleasures in life that keep us going.

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CapnMubbers said...

I have not been to the beach for too long. Sounds like the perfect day to me. My toes curled remembering sand and cold water and I caught a whiff of ocean air, I know I did.

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