Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Cold and Rainy Day For Me To Take Advantage

I am sitting here in a warm sweater with my feet up watching reruns on the DVR while it is cold and rainy outside. The cats went out because they insisted (I said they should stay in but they didn't listen - of course). When the electrician showed up around 845 AM, they came in soaking wet and snow are napping where its warm and dry.

Now that I am not working, I do appreciate having the opportunity to stay home on bad weather days. The whole point of stopping work was to be able to take better care of myself. And cold rainy days are perfect for sitting around with my feet up.

But if you want to think I am that lazy, I am not. I have the second of five loads of laundry in the wash with the first one drying. I have also picked up the house in preparation for the cleaning lady's arrival tomorrow morning.

My health is more important to me than almost anything. (Everyone should keep their health front and center take care of themselves.) Is there anything I could have done to prevent the collapse of my health? No I don't think so (except for my bad knees which I managed to do in through skiing, ice skating, hiking, snow shoeing, and more). These days my goals include not doing anything that might make my heath worse - short or long term. It doesn't seem to take much.

Last summer I went to water the plants in the back yard with the hose. And managed to completely tear my ACL in my left knee - something that won't be fixed short of a knee replacement. Some caution is the word (especially when my husband is looking except when I want him to take over for me).

I do want to get to the library later to pick up and return books. I also want to stop by the paint store to get paint samples to try out. Eventually I will paint more rooms but I am still confirming what colors I want. I want to try painting the samples on the wall and see how they look. (I will paint them on the wall where a picture is hanging and then I will rehang the pictures until I am ready to paint.)

I am taking after their example and will stay inside until I break down and go to the library and paint store. In the meantime I think its time for a cup of tea.

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