Friday, March 4, 2016

Changing the Affordable Care Act

One of the big claims by all the candidates for president is to reform healthcare. I can understand the desire to change a healthcare plan which is hated by some and loved by others simply because it was the first pass at a national health plan. Obviously it needs some tweaks. Some want to add to it, some want to change it, and some want to replace it. I hope none would remove it.

While I understand the need or desire for change, I really hope that health insurance is not taken away from anyone who already received it under the current plan.If the ACA allowed someone to finally get health insurance, could they really take it away?

Many of us sick unhealthy people previously faced the barrier of not being able to get or keep health insurance after a not so good diagnosis. I hope those days do not return. Seriously could some of the people who most need health insurance have it taken away?

This is a real concern for me. I realize that one of the biggest complaints of the ACA is the mandate that all citizens have health insurance or face a penalty. I can accept that. Some people just don't want a requirement like this in their life, whether it is desire not to have the government intruding in their life or that they do not feel the need for health insurance.. That is their right.

But the people who want health insurance and couldn't afford it, were rejected by their insurance company, or any other reason, should still be able to have health insurance.

Health insurance should not be taken away from anyone who has it and wants to keep it. Also any one who still does not have health insurance and wants it should still have it accessible. I hope the politicians are listening to us unhealthy people.

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