Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Body Isn't Letting Me Do What I Want

I have big aspirations for our new house. And I'm cheap. I hate, hate, hate, hate the paint colors in our new house.

Brown paint in the master bedroom makes a smaller room look tiny. And there are chips in the walls where the previous owners pulled hooks out. I can't stand it. The same purply brown paint was used in the hall bathroom. Making it look like another cave.

The kitchen is this ugly taupe/tan which continues into the dining room and living room and the upstairs hall and the third bedroom. The second bedroom and the master bathroom are pale green - also known as cucumber by Benjamin Moore. Initially I hated it but its growing on me.

Then the downstairs, where do I begin? The majority of the main area is painted a dark, dark, dark blue. If you rub your fingers or anything else on the paint it leaves a mark. Evidently the previous owners wanted a gaming/theater area to be really dark. They even replaced the drop ceiling tiles with black acoustical tile. And they used blue painters tape to hide the white runners between the drop ceiling tiles. The rest of the room is decent a lighter tan which is nice with the white trim.

My aspirations include repainting the entire inside of the house. I have no thoughts that I can do it in a reasonable period of time. I had thought I could paint a room each week. There is no wallpaper here that needs to be removed. The walls are in pretty good shape. I need to spackle, tape, and wash the walls first.

I started by getting a nice pale peach for the hall bathroom that will also be used in the kitchen. That was Monday. I painted Monday. I did more on Tuesday but I was so exhausted from Monday. But I still need to go back in there. First I need to get a better paint brush. and see my therapist and go grocery shopping. I might not be able to paint today. I think I can paint tomorrow.

I mean I will have time to paint tomorrow. But I don't know if I will be up for more painting tomorrow. And I need to clean up the mess I made in the bathroom and put everything back to the way it was. So I should be able to finish this week. I hope.

Then I need to rest up before I try painting the master bedroom next week. I think that will be one wall at a time instead of the whole room. And a lovely pale blue.

Seriously I didn't think I would be this exhausted from painting. I take breaks all day long. I didn't even expect to finish in one day. But damn I'm tired.

I am not working now. I am, by nature, cheap. I really do not want to pay someone to paint the house. I expect I can do that. My husband works full time and I do not expect him to spend all his time fixing up the house. I want to pull my share too. I expect myself to contribute equally to the household. But my body is letting me down here.

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