Thursday, March 3, 2016

When all else fails, take a nap

Yesterday, after my therapist appointment, gym, and grocery store, I was so tired I couldn't watch TV. I was probably borderline exhausted. So I was smart. I took a nap.

Actually I didn't just take a nap, a nice little snooze, with my feet up. I slept like a log for over two hours. Then I went back to bed after dinner and slept again for eight hours. So maybe I was tired.

Actually I was so tired, I couldn't focus on much. If you can't watch a Lifetime Movie because you can't focus, you must be tired. In the past my criteria was if you are too sick to focus on the weather channel, you must be really sick. (I learned that lesson while stuck in a hotel with the stomach flu on a business trip.)

It is hard to focus and function like a human being if you are not fed and rested. Those are basic facts. I don't have problems with the food side of the equation (my inner size 8 is protesting) but I clearly have problems keeping up with my rest.

I have to work on my napping skills. The biggest problem that napping causes is not getting enough sleep at night. Your body needs along period sleep to get to that REM stage of restful sleeping. Its bad enough when I wake up in the middle of the night and am not rested the next day. But if I nap too much then I will have problems getting sleep at night.

Today I am tired again but not as bad. I may or may not nap again. It depends how my day goes. But I will make a point not to over exert myself.

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