Friday, March 11, 2016

Would you get a dog?

I am a cat person but after reading this article about dogs who sniff out cancer, I briefly considered getting a dog. I am not a dog person. Its not that I don't like dogs, I do. I think for a pet they are a lot of work. You have to make sure you are home to walk them etc.

However, if my dog could sniff out any cancer in me before it could be found by a scan or test, I would be very happy with a dog. It would save me a lot of stress and anxiety.

Like all other cancer people, I have more concerns about another cancer than the average person. There is only so much kale and greens eating, green tea drinking, alcohol avoiding, and exercising that a person can do. We get examined, tested, lectured, and any other things our doctors tell us we should and shouldn't do often.

But we still have those 'what if' moments in the middle of the night. So if when one of those moments occurred and we had a cancer sniffing dog sleeping next to the bed who was not concerned about any cancer scents coming from us, we would be reassured that there was no need to concern and more easily go back to sleep.

So I will follow this research and consider getting a dog. I'll have to ask our cats about this as well.

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Richard said...

My story began in the fall of 2014 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It shattered my world and everything I believed in - having been physically active, a non-smoker, a non-drinker and at my ideal weight. Then boom!

I began re-evaluating my lifestyle choices, my eating habits and my environment. It took me on a very different journey. My 3 cats played a huge part in my mental health especially during the early ordeal.

Scented candles have always been a part of my life and after discovering a large majority of mass marketed candles contain harmful chemicals and additives in their products, I was unwilling to simply walk away from using scented candles. Instead, I set out to design the perfect medium in order to create a highly fragrant, clean burning, pure and natural product that was safe for my family, my pets and the environment.

My pets were an integral part of my healing process and after nearly 18 months of research, I created a proprietary blend of 100% certified organic waxes. I sourced the highest quality essential and fragrant oils that are phthalate free, creating captivating scents of wax melts designed in the shape of a paw. Why the paw? To pay tribute to our furry friends who help us through life’s difficult times. We also donate a portion of our profits to animal shelters.

I don’t know whether the frequent use of scented candles had any influence on my health prior to my diagnosis, but I do know that I will NEVER again use any scented candle/wax melt that isn’t 100% organic and natural. My health and that of my family and pets is far too precious to take the risk.

Thank you Nancy for creating a forum for women to share their stories. Please check out my new Paw Melts website and let me know what you think =>

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