Saturday, March 5, 2016

Another 'Breakthrough'

There is another cancer breakthrough that could lead to 'new treatments'. That would be nice to see. This one claims to have found a cancer mutation weakness that could be identified. And if it could be identified then it could be isolated and targeted. Then it could be stopped or 'cut off' and cancer could potentially be stopped. 

It sounds great on paper. And it might work out in the future. After a few years of research followed by five to seven years of testing. So in a decade this might make a difference to patients.

I am getting tired of this. New medical research is always taking place. But it takes so long to actually make a difference to patients. 

This is actually stressful to the patients who are waiting for treatment and a new medication to save them.

Here's the problem. The media now announces every new medical breakthrough as it is discovered which may or may not actually lead to a new treatment option in a decade or so. With the internet and newer technology the news is spread far and wide. This reaches all the patients and the families who are waiting for the treatments. 

Then as the drug development process starts, patients follow this information. And as drugs go through clinical trials, patients start lobbying the FDA to release drugs early and rush them through clinical trials. Which is not a great idea. 

Think about all those drugs that are recalled by the FDA after additional research finds out that they are harmful. 

But I digress. I hope this 'breakthrough' will lead to new treatments, but I am not holding my breath.

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